Wound Care Services

Your Partner in Wound Care

Athena Specialty Group provides evidence-based wound care. Patients suffering from wounds can now be seen in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Our plan of care is a comprehensive approach centered on the patient with complex, non-healing or slow-to-heal wounds. We provide advanced wound care and other therapies not typically available in the home setting to achieve faster healing times, lower infection rates and reduced readmissions.

Chronic Wound Management

Our team of experts takes a holistic approach to wound care, incorporating the whole patient and addressing the underlying causes of the wound. We offer a comprehensive evaluation of the factors that impact wound healing, and we present all available treatment options and discuss the risks and benefits with our patients to ensure informed decisions.

We also provide in-home treatment options, avoiding the hassles of waiting rooms and clinics. Our evidence-based wound care approach ensures that our patients receive the best possible treatment, and we work closely with esteemed medical providers in the community to provide the best care specific to each patient’s particular wound.

Advanced Treatments

We’re passionate about helping individuals suffering from chronic wounds to heal and get back to feeling their best. That’s why we offer a range of advanced wound treatments that have shown great success in promoting wound healing and reducing the risk of infection.

Our Medicare-approved skin substitute products, infused with a placental membrane, offer a promising solution for patients who have exhausted all other options. These innovative treatments promote the regrowth of damaged tissue and lead to significantly higher wound closure rates.

We also utilize collagen dressings, which are scientifically proven to provide an antimicrobial barrier that neutralizes bacteria and minimizes the risk of infections like MRSA. Collagen dressings provide essential support to the wound, promoting faster healing times and reducing the risk of further complications.

Supplemental Services

Our telehealth visits allow for patient convenience and the highest quality of care. We also provide nurse practitioner-led rounding services for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and rehab hospitals. With comprehensive recovery monitoring and advanced techniques, our rounding services contribute to low rates of return and complete recovery.

Our transitional care services ensure the safe and timely continuity of care for patients moving between care settings. Our focus on older adults with multiple chronic conditions and complex care plans helps us improve patients’ quality of life and reduce hospital readmissions. By providing assistance, including home visits and coordination of home health services, we ensure a smooth transition back to the patient’s primary care provider and offer referrals for primary care when needed.

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Discover the Athena Advantage

Athena Specialty Group’s cutting-edge technology, specialized treatments, and comprehensive approach deliver unmatched wound care management. Our committed support system provides accessible, efficient, and transparent services, while our focus on transitional care ensures a gap-free continuum of care for patients. Trust us to oversee your wound care needs and provide cost-neutral chronic wound management to your organization.