Advanced Wound Care

At Athena Specialty Group, we offer a range of advanced wound treatments to attain the highest closure rate possible. Our innovative approach offers a promising solution for individuals suffering from chronic wounds that don’t heal via traditional methods.

With the Athena Advantage, you receive evidence-based research, a patient-centered approach and higher-quality care.

Skin Substitutes

Chronic and slow-healing wounds can be incredibly challenging to manage. As such, conventional treatments may not always provide the desired results. Chronic wounds can originate from:

Luckily, there are a variety of Medicare-approved skin substitute products that offer a promising solution for patients who have exhausted all other options. Some of these advanced skin substitutes are infused with a high concentration of stem cells. These stem cells promote the regrowth of damaged tissue and lead to significantly higher wound closure rates.

Non-contact, Non-thermal Ultrasound

These treatments stimulate the production of collagen and promote increased wound strength. This relatively new, low-frequency Ultrasound technology has proven effective in all wound types and can be done at the patient’s bedside. In addition to using wound vacs, we also offer mobile UltraMIST therapy, a highly effective technique for cleaning wounds and promoting healing.

PCR Culturing

Our PC culturing measures wound bacteria within 24 hours. We tailor our approach to wound management based on these results and can customize antibiotic gel for the specific infection.

Negative Pressure Therapy

This therapy contains and manages wound fluid, preventing the development of bacteria and reducing the occurrence of swelling


Debridement removes damaged or infected tissue to encourage the healing of healthy tissue beneath.


Telehealth visits allow for patient convenience and the highest quality of care

Digital Wound Management

Digital wound management prohibits human failure in measuring wound closure progress, provides visual

Collaborating for Improved Care​​

We believe that effective collaboration is key to providing patients with the highest level of care. We work closely with your primary care physicians and specialists to ensure alignment when it comes to patient treatment plans. Our approach to care coordination ensures that patients receive the best possible outcomes and a seamless healthcare experience.

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