Chronic Wound Treatment

Our skin is a vital organ that shields us from harmful microbes, UV light, and water loss, while also regulating body temperature and enabling touch. Chronic wounds are full-thickness wounds that don’t heal within 30 days, causing pain, loss of function, risk of infection and higher morbidity rates. Effective chronic wound management is critical for proper healing and symptom relief.

Common Causes of Chronic Wounds

Chronic wounds can be caused by a variety of factors.


Diabetes, especially when poorly controlled, affects the circulatory system. It can lead to deficiencies in blood flow, particularly in the smaller vessels of the eyes, brain, heart, kidneys, and lower extremities.

Vascular disease

Treating the root cause of vascular disease is essential to helping patients reach optimal health. We identify and address the underlying issues that can cause recurrent wounds and other symptoms. Through the use of vascular studies, we can develop personalized treatment plans to help patients achieve long-lasting health.

Limited mobility

Those with limited mobility may develop pressure ulcers due to prolonged periods of sitting or lying down, which disrupt blood flow and cause tissue damage. It’s crucial to address the underlying causes and implement effective wound management strategies to promote proper healing and alleviate symptoms.

Caring for Chronic Wounds

At Athena Specialty Group, we believe that treating chronic wounds requires a comprehensive evaluation and thoughtful medical approach that incorporates the entire patient. Our goal is not only to address the physical aspects of wound care but also to engage our patients in their tailored care plans.

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We Are Where You Need Support

  • Comprehensive evaluation: After the initial assessment, our team of experts will evaluate all the factors that can impact wound healing, such as poorly controlled diabetes, limited mobility, smoking, poor nutrition, age, mental status and socioeconomic status.
  • Treatment options: We present all available treatment options and discuss the risks and benefits of each plan with our patients to ensure that they can make informed decisions.
  • Address underlying causes: Our care plan focuses not only on treating the wound but also on addressing the underlying causes to prevent future wound development.
  • In-home treatment options: We offer as many in-home treatment options as possible to avoid the hassles of waiting rooms and clinics.
  • Evidence-based wound care: Our team closely monitors and records treatment progression to ensure that our patients receive the best evidence-based wound care possible.

We work closely with qualified medical providers in the community to ensure that our patients receive the best treatments specific to their particular wounds. We are always looking for ways to improve our wound care delivery model to provide our patients with streamlined treatment and the care they deserve.

Committed to healing

Our elite wound care providers specialize in wound care and are available to visit patients in various facilities, in the comfort of their own homes as well as through telehealth consultations for patients in rural areas. Trust us to bring healing home to your patients. Contact Athena today to schedule a consultation and discover why we’re the only choice for your complex wound care needs.