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Mon - Sun 8am - 4:30pm


Rounding In Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities & Rehab Hospitals

All rounding is performed by nurse practitioners. Accurate, efficient caregiver rounding provides essential care and attention for prompt recovery. Rounding and progression monitoring from Athena’s highly trained chronic wound care team offers the most in-tuned digital tracking methods and advanced practices to ensure each patient heals in a timely manner. With advanced wound care techniques and comprehensive recovery  monitoring from Athena, patients receive the most with each round taken. 

Rounding Support

Patients suffering from advanced wounds require a special level of attention and care. To meet the level of supervision and treatment necessary for encouraging recovery, Athena Specialty Group offers proficient rounding support. This support allows hospitals, skilled nursing facilities & rehab hospitals to effectively and effortlessly care for advanced wound patients.

Staying In Sync For Patient Recovery

With Athena Specialty Group’s rounding services, patient progress is tracked closely and proper care is given in a timely manner, ensuring patients maintain low rates of return and full recovery. It’s often the small lapses in care that allow for mistakes to occur, which is why our highly knowledgeable staff works closely with patients during treatment. Our experienced nurse practitioners rounding gives patients the care they critically need while digitally tracking their progress, keeping all members of their healthcare team up-to-date. Contact our team to discuss rounding services in specialized nursing facilities and rehabilitation hospitals.

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By implementing Athena’s proficient rounding services for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities & rehab hospitals and patients can both lower their costs and accelerate the course of chronic wound treatment. Experienced nurse practitioners perform assessments 3 times per week to ensure patients are on the best course of healing. 

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Our team strictly monitors and records treatment progression to ensure the patient receives a streamlined treatment and the care they need for a successful recovery. Contact us today and see if you qualify for SNF or rehabilitation center rounding with Athena Specialty Group.