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Non-Contact, Non-Thermal Ultrasound

The Healing Effects Of Non-Contact, Non-Thermal Ultrasound Therapy

This relatively new, low frequency Ultrasound technology has proven effective in all  wound types, especially when coupled with other evidence-based, innovative wound care approaches.  This technology is portable and can be done at the patient’s bedside, in the comfort of their own home. Ultrasound therapy is painless, using a fine saline or water mist that gently moistens the wound area and increases the overall therapy effectiveness. Ultrasound therapy has also been shown to promote healing and reduce infections in post-operative wounds. While the exact mechanism underlying the clinical effects of ultrasound therapy are not entirely known, therapeutic outcomes have been demonstrated in multiple scientific studies. Studies show improvement at a cellular level, including new blood vessel formation, greatly reducing the wound bacteria present, improved immune responses, increased growth factors, increased collagen production, increases in macrophage responsiveness, increased fibrinolysis, and increases in nitric oxide levels. Moreover, ultrasound therapy has virtually no side effects. We can screen your insurance provider for coverage.   

Non-Contact, Non-thermal ultrasound treatments stimulate the production of collagen and promote increased wound strength. 

Patients who are suffering from a chronic wound may benefit from non-thermal ultrasound therapy. Low-frequency ultrasound technology has been shown to improve the healing process for chronic wounds and promote positive inflammatory responses for a successful recovery. As treatments progress, the Athena team digitally tracks your progression to create a seamless patient experience and deliver accurate data to providers. Contact our specialists to find out if you qualify for this non-invasive, effective chronic wound treatment. 

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