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Your Partner in Wound Care

Athena Specialty Group provides evidence-based wound care. Patients suffering from wounds can now be seen in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Our plan of care is a comprehensive approach centered on the patient with complex, non-healing or slow-to-heal wounds. We provide advanced wound care and other therapies not typically available in the home setting to achieve faster healing times, lower infection rates and reduced readmissions.


Diabetic Foot Ulcers | Pressure Injuries | Wound Infections Chronic Soft Tissue Infections | Chronic Bone Infections Venous Leg Ulcers | Arterial Ulcers | Surgical Wounds


Cellulitis | Osteomyelitis | Amputation | Post-Trauma | Burns

The Athena Advantage

Our unique approach to achieve speed to healing

The Athena team knows that every case is unique and presents its own challenges. Our providers are elite wound care specialists who leverage data-driven techniques for comprehensive care, while enabling cost-savings and workflow efficiencies for your staff. 

Evidence-based Practice

By pioneering advanced modalities in the wound management field, we offer specialized treatments to provide your patients with the highest level of care. The Athena Advantage demonstrates a proven track record of dropping patient RTA by an average of 76%.

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Continuum of Care with a Comprehensive Approach

Our holistic approach considers the whole patient and the comorbidities influencing slow healing wounds or preventing their healing. We implement a multi-faceted approach to treatment and provide customized plans for each patient.

Workforce Multiplier

We align with your specific goals to help you treat a wider range of patients. We manage your most time-consuming and costly wounds while providing cost-neutral support, allowing you more flexibility in staff utilization.

Metrics and Reporting

At Athena, we understand the importance of tracking metrics, especially within the current healthcare reimbursement model. The Athena Advantage demonstrates a proven track record of dropping patient returns by an average of 76%. Our team strictly monitors and records treatment progression to ensure the patient receives a streamlined treatment and the care they need for a successful recovery. By partnering with Athena, providers can be confident that they are meeting these metrics and offering the highest quality care to their patients.

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